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Tetris - Free Tetris Friends | Tetris With a Hexagonal Twist

Tetris is as everyone knows to be a highly addictive puzzle game, since Tetris games could be played anywhere. Tetris game has been an absolute favorite among many people belonging to any age group. Tetris games have been one of the most popular and most played games in human history. Tetris was simply the best free tetromino game available on the internet. Tetris brings harmony in our lives by addressing our universal desire to create order out of chaos.

Free Tetris Online - Tetris Game

Since the introduction of Tetris we have seen many variations of the classic Tetris game. Today you can play free Tetris in countless variations across different platforms. Starting from the Tetris classic free game a two dimensional Tetris to 3D Tetris. You can play Tetris original, Tetris with friends, Tetris unblocked and tetris multiplayer versions, including many famous titles like Tetris Blitz and Puyo Puyo Tetris. Many new remakes of the classic Tetris can be found, but only a handful are the most fun and worth taking time out for to play time and time again.

Hexa Tetris - Tetris Block Puzzle Game

Among the free games to play TWS & partners bring you another addictive free game ‘Hexa Tetris’ that will get you hooked to your screens. Free Tetris friends and enjoy beating each others highscores. Our website and games are mobile friendly so you do not have to worry about incurring hefty data costs.

Following the same logic as the original Tetris or Tetris classic free, Hexa Tetris requires its players to align 3 or more blocks of the same color together so that the blocks touch each other. Hexa Tetris is a puzzle game with simple graphics and an addictive gameplay that is easy to understand.

This game demands quick responses as the game speed increases rapidly keeping you on an edge to land everything perfectly. Hexa Tetris is fun, addictive, highly challenging and competitive among friends when it comes to high scores hall of fame.

Hexa Tetris controls:

Aim of the Tetris Game - Hexa Tetris

The aim of the game is to stop blocks from leaving the inside of the outer gray hexagon. The best way to go about in this game is to keep hitting combos and score as high as possible by combining blocks of the same color. The blocks need to touch other blocks of the same color in order to clear them and advance with the next set of blocks in the game.

The game builds up on a steady pace as you go on placing blocks on top of each other or side by side to make 3 or more block combos. This version of Tetris revolves around the design and placement of blocks on a 6-sided hexagon.These blocks are matched by their colors, same colored blocks form a combo and clear out space for the next blocks to be placed strategically.

The game speed becomes very fast as you advance in the game and the game ends when the outer gray area is filled with blocks and there is no room for new blocks to be placed. Names of high scorers are shown on the hall of fame.